2017 Technical Executive Forum

The Technical Executive Forum (TEF) — held annually at GHC — is an invite-only event for executive-level technical leaders from the Anita Borg Institute’s partner companies. Seize this chance to meet and hear from others who likewise view diversity in innovation as an imperative.


The Technical Executive Forum is a key Organizational Transformation program designed to guide organizations in creating more inclusive workplaces. The exclusive, invitation-only event provides an opportunity for C-level technical executives from the Anita Borg Institute’s partner companies to connect, collaborate, and learn best practices and actionable solutions for retaining and advancing women technologists.

Program Agenda

Theme: “Intersectionality in Tech”

Keynote: Dr. Freada Kapor Klein, entrepreneur, activist, and pioneer in the field of organizational culture and diversity.

Participating Companies

Do you want to learn more about TEF or the partner companies that participated? In 2016, 122 participants including CEOs, CTOs, and other senior-level technical executives from 74 organizations joined us in Houston to build awareness, learn from each other, and take action on practical strategies to form inclusive and diverse technical teams. We expect a similar turn out in 2017.