GHC 17 Committees

Thank you to all of our committee co-chairs! The GHC 17 Committee co-chairs help review thousands of applications and allow us to create a robust schedule, send scholars to the conference, and create unique programming.

Artificial Intelligence  |  Career  |  Computer Systems Engineering  |  Data Science
Human Computer Interaction  |  Interactive Media  |  IoT/Wearable Tech  |  Open Source Day
Open Source Track  |  Organization Transformation  |  Posters  |  Products A to Z
Scholarships  |  Security/Privacy  |  Software Engineering  |  Student Opportunity Lab

Artificial Intelligence

Co-Chair: Shivani Rao, LinkedIn
Co-Chair: Catherine Schuman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Co-Chair: Lani Fraizer, Pepperdine University
Co-Chair: Connie Smallwood, CA Technologies

Computer Systems Engineering

Co-Chair: Jennifer Donnelly, Apple
Co-Chair: Avani Wildani, Emory University

Data Science

Co-Chair: Bouchra Bouqata, GE Global Research Center
Co-Chair: Isabelle Moulinier, Thomson Reuters

Human Computer Interaction

Co-Chair: Maxine Cohen, Nova Southeastern University
Co-Chair: Vidya Srinivasan, Microsoft
Co-Chair: Sheila Tejada,

Interactive Media

Co-Chair: Lyndsay Pearson, Electronic Arts
Co-Chair: Kristi Potter, University of Oregon

IoT/Wearable Tech

Co-Chair: Kate Boeckman, Thomson Reuters
Co-Chair: Maria Gorlatova, Princeton University

Open Source Day

Co-Chair: Samantha Chan, Adobe
Sahana Gururaj, Microsoft

Open Source Track

Co-Chair: Deborah Bryant, RedHat
Co-Chair: Monisha Pulimood, The College of New Jersey

Organization Transformation

Co-Chair: Seema Gururaj, Square Circle
Co-Chair: Ruth Mesfun, PoCIT
Ross Smith, Microsoft


Co-Chair: Amy Csizmar Dalal, Carleton College
Co-Chair: Rita Wouhaybi, Intel Corporation

Products A to Z

Co-Chair: Nadia Ennaciri, Google
Co-Chair: Andrea Ramirez, VMware


Co-Chair: Brandeis Marshall, Spelman
Co-Chair: Suzanne Matthews, USMA
Co-Chair: Jennifer Walter, Vassar


Co-Chair: Chenxi Wang, Jane Bond Project
Co-Chair: Heng Xu, Penn State University

Software Engineering

Co-Chair: Tamara Dahlgren, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Co-Chair: Bithika Khargharia, Open Networking Foundation

Student Opportunity Lab

Co-Chair: Dana Dorneanu, Appway
Co-Chair: Pranathi Nakka, Deloitte